1. Where do I find your FB group?
    You can find our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pnwdispleasedbrides
  2. I have been scammed. How do I post a review?
    We’re so sorry you are going through this! But stand up straight with your shoulders back! You *can* survive this!
    Join our Facebook group and post your review there. Do not lie or exagerate. We know it’s hard, but please be as objective as you can.
    You can find our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pnwdispleasedbrides
    Our group has a “post anonymously” feature, which you are welcome to use, but in order to maximize the opportunity for the vendor to do things right, please consider using your real name. Whatever works best for you!
    Remember: using proofs like screen-shots, pictures, bits and pieces of contracts, exact dates, exact vendor names, their contacts and social media – all these help identify the vendor and provide a wonderful opportunity for your voice to be heard! Be precise in the information you provide!
    PLEASE BEWARE: Before you post a negative review, make sure you do take responsibility for your share of things that contributed to making things go South, if any. This is not for the sake of your vendor, but for the sake of being honest with yourself. Don’t lie to yourself or to others.
  3. OMG! My vendor replied! What do I do now??
    Great!!! START. TALKING. IT. OVER! Assume that your vendor has something to say that does matter, in spite of the great pain you are going through. Who knows? Maybe there is a misunderstanding, or maybe there were some things left unsaid. Maybe there is a way to come together and mend the broken relationship, and maybe there is something that your vendor can do to make it right for you. If the conversation starts, that’s a FANTASTIC opportunity to grow, heal and recover your loss – and it is also an excellent opportunity to ask for forgiveness. Pursue an outcome that is meaningful, not an outcome that brings you the most gain on the short run.
    And if there isn’t a way to make it right for you – which might very well be the case – then find your healing in this: reading about your pain might cause your vendor to think twice before doing the same thing to the next customer. If your pain has a purpose, it is easier to bare!
  4. My friends got scammed. Can I leave a review for them?
    No, not really. We want those who are the real victims of the scam to stand up for themselves. This also gives the vendor the opportunity to reply to their specific complaints. We know you want to help – the best way to help is to encourage them to join the FB group and post themselves. They need healing; our FB community is very helpful in patching wounds!
  5. Someone posted a negative review about me. What do I do?
    Join the group; answer your accuser. Post your proof: screen-shots, e-mails, texts, pictures, anything that can prove insight into your side of the story.
    In the review is accurate, do what you can to make it right for the displeased party.
    If the review is false, do what you can to prove so.
    There is no ruling. No one will come and say: “This or that person is right.” But every person reading the conversation has the right to make up their own mind. Our instinct and intuition do tell us when someone lies. If you are telling the truth, the community will know, regardless how the other side tries to portray you. The only key is: TELL. THE. TRUTH.
  6. My vendor backed out. I need a vendor RIGHT. NOW. What do I do?
    Check our “VENDOR RIGHT NOW” tab. Search them by location or type of service they offer. A number of very warm heart-ed vendors want to help couples in crisis, even if there is no financial reward or minimal financial reward included. Go check their websites, and confirm that their PNW DISPLEASED BRIDE badge shows on the bottom of the main page. Take their badge number and contact us at pnwdispleasedbrides@gmail.com to confirm their identity (in order to make sure you are not contacting someone who falsified a badge).

    After you receive our confirmation of their identity, contact them and let them know that you have a crisis and need help. Remember, all vendors book their weddings ahead of time, so if they are busy and cannot help, do not become rude or disrespectful. Be friendly with the people who want the best for you, even if they cannot help in the particular context you are in. Just move on to the next closest vendor in your area.

    PLEASE BEWARE: Even if you use one of the vendors listed on this website, all we can guarantee is that they are part of our FB group and have expressed their desire to help. It is still YOUR responsibility to do your research and make sure they are the right fit for you. We do not offer any guarantees that the services provided by the vendors listed on this website will be au pair with your standards. You still need to treat yourself like someone who YOU are responsible with helping.
  7. I am a vendor and I am interested in helping couples in crisis. How can I do that? Can I contact the brides via DM?
    NO! Please do not contact anyone from the group with the intent to help them, be it to offer free of charge services or soliciting paid services.

    The way we are set up, the vendors show their availability to book in the last moment or to offer free services by posting the “PNW Displeased Brides Vendor Right Now” Badge on their website and being included in our directory. Our vendor directory is available under the “Vendor Right Now” tab, and if a bride chooses to contact a vendor for free or paid services, she will do so.

    How do I get my “VENDOR RIGHT NOW” badge?
    Contact us! Please send an e-mail to pnwdispleasedbrides@gmail.com with the title “VENDOR RIGHT NOW“.
    The content of your e-mail will follow this exact pattern (copy/paste):

    Name: _________________
    Location / Zipcode: _____________/________
    Website: _________________
    Distance willing to travel for a wedding crisis situation: _______________
    Service offered for a wedding crisis situation: _______________
    Fee: __________________
    Notice required: ____________________
    Additional info: ______________________

    Please do not send any other type of information or this information in any other format than the one above. If one of the fields doesn’t apply to you, please answer with: n/a

    (Check our “VENDOR RIGHT NOW” tab for examples of how to fill in this form.)

    Once we receive this form from you, we will send you a badge with a member number that is unique to you. Badge numbers are offered in the order your requests are submitted.

    Display your badge on the bottom of your homepage on your website, on you IG, on your FB page. This way, couples will know, when they find you, that you are part of the vendors who offer preferential services to couples in a wedding crisis situation.

    Allow for a 30 days processing time of your badge and for your name to show in our list on the website. We try to be as expeditive as we can.

    Visit these sites to see examples of the member badges you will receive. Scroll down the Home pages, right at the bottom.:

  8. I’m a vendor – can you advertise for me?
    No, sorry. We do not advertise or encourage anyone to work with anyone, more than a dating site helps people hook up. Think of us as a website who allows couples and vendors come across just like a dating site facilitates people meeting each other. That’s where out role ends!
  9. Can you take down a review someone left about me?
    Can’t do that, sorry. Your best tool is dialogue: TALK to the person who left a review about you, not to us. Make it right by them, within reasonable boundaries, and do it in public, so that the community has the opportunity to see how you handle the situation. Even if you make a mistake – and who doesn’t? – if you handle it professionally, the community will forgive.
  10. I feel like my wedding was a complete failure. I don’t know how to start to heal. Is there anything you can tell me that can help me?
    In this video on YouTube, Ligia Brubaker – the owner of PNW DISPLEASED BRIDES – is sharing her story. Her wedding was a complete fiasco, and she poured all that energy into building a trustworthy company that serves other couples.
    A good starting point is to listen to her story. Reach out to her or to other brides that went through something similar. Our group is – sadly – full of men and women who have endured utter pain caused by a failed wedding day. There is hope; all is not lost!
    And do not compare your “real wedding” with the “dream wedding”. It won’t help! Compare yourself to who you were before the wedding – a stressed person barely knowing what to do next! – and who you are today: a person with an experience that can be SO useful and relevant to others! Even if your wedding day was not what you wanted, you are now richer than before: you have insight. Share it! Healing will come in time. ❤
  11. I have been kicked out of the FB group and I don’t know why. Can you tell me why?
    Our group grew from 0 to just shy of 1000 people in the first 24 hours of existence. It is beyond hard for me to keep track of who got kicked out of the group and when. But if you did get kicked out, it is exclusively because you broke the rules. No other reason. The decision is final.