No Deleted Reviews.

Did you hire someone as a wedding vendor, pay in full and they didn’t show up?

Did you pay for a product and never receive it?

Are you a current bride or groom who wants to checkup on your current booked vendors because you have a feeling something seems a little {off}, lack or no communication after you have paid?


This website is associated with the “PNW Displeased Brides” Group on Facebook. The Facebook Group is an Open Chat/Forum to Talk about your “not so good” experience you may have had with a Professional {or not} Vendor in the wedding & entertainment industry in the Pacific North West. This website is an extension of that group, in order to help keep information orderly and easy to navigate.

Vendors, as Confucius says, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fail.” So if you do have a displeased couple out there wishing you would make things right for them, do your best to do so! We all know customers can be difficult at time, as we all had to put up with a crazy request. However, the best way to resolve an issue is to take time and listen.

Look for opportunities to lift others up along the way. Having the proper mindset, moving outside your comfort zone, developing and maintaining healthy relationships, and staying focused have been key drivers of success for thousands of years.