About PNW Displeased Brides

This web site and FB Group associated with it are mean to be a platform for people to share their own experiences. Vendors may choose to share their experiences with other vendors only if they worked together on at least one project. Brides, grooms, parents of brides and grooms may choose to share their experiences as well, but exclusively for the vendors that they have contracted for their own wedding. Third hand stories are not accepted.

This is not a mitigation platform (similar to BBB), and the owner of this group and website is not responsible for the content published by the participants who choose to review their vendors. Each person who posts any content is responsible for their own review, and the responsibility is not shared with the platform provider.

The only reason why this platform exists is to function as a safety net against scammers. It is not an uncommon practice in the wedding industry that websites and review platforms allow for negative reviews to be removed. On this platform, no negative review is removed, but vendors are kindly invited to have a conversation in public with the person who complains and try to make things right. All conversations will take place on the FB group, in public. There will be no arbitration provided by a third party, and the goal of the public conversation is not to have someone “rule” over the situation, but so that each potential customer gets the opportunity to decide for himself if they want to work with a particular vendor or not.

The “PNW Displeased Brides” group on FB and this website have been made possible by Ligia Brubaker, wedding photographer at Brubaker Arts. She launched her wedding photography business as a way to heal from being scammed by her own wedding photographer.

She is now leading one of the most trusted wedding photography businesses in PNW and is directly interested in helping the market regulate itself based exclusively on the merits of the vendors.

What People Say

I have been so uneasy about finding a photographer because I keep seeing how many people get hosed by people with not so great intentions. I’m really glad this group is here to help cross reference!!

Nichole Kirkwood

I just have to say, I am embracing this resource with my whole heart!! I am SO happy you created this group. Do you know how hard it is to find trustworthy vendors??? I guess you do, since you created this group, lol.

As I told another bride, it feels like I am using the experience of all PNW brides to book my wedding. Just amazing!!! Thank you!!!

MenGei Lee

Just hoping I never see my name in here! Joined to see what pitfalls I can make sure my company avoids.
No matter how long you’ve been doing it, you can always improve

Harlyn Jenkins

Let’s build a trustworthy wedding community together!